Thursday, May 31, 2012

103 Years

I made the base for the banners at the top left and the postmark at the bottom left from a copy of the back of the original (1904) postcard.
Here is what the journalling says:  One of the few mementos my family has from our Swiss relatives is a postcard from Ponts de Martel written in 1904.  When I moved to Switzerland, I was determined to see the area from which my ancestors had come, so in May 2007 we headed to Ponts de Martel to find the church on the postcard.  Because Ponts de Martel is such a small town, we were able to drive straight to the church. We discovered that little had changed in 103 years.  I was even able to find the spot on which the first photographer had stood, as it was located on a typically-Swiss wanderweg, one of the walking trails that cross the country.

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  1. What a wonderful opportunity! I wanted to say thank you for your very sweet comments on my blog today they made my day!